Wednesday, November 5, 2008

423: For those who have passed on.

For all my glee and elation at Barack Obama's historic election as president of the United States, I am a little sad as well.

There are some who have passed on who I wish were alive to see this day. But if there be angels, I know they are smiling down on us today.

Number one on my list: Big G, my paternal grandmother.

Others who aren't here in the flesh (but I hope they're watching and shouting!):
  1. Barack Obama's grandmother,
  2. the wives of our slain civil rights leaders: Miss Coretta, Miss Betty (Shabazz),
  3. our beloved Rosa Parks
  4. our funny man, Bernie Mac
  5. our hardest working entertainer, James Brown.
  6. our senior sexy soul singer, Isaac Hayes
  7. countless others who would have been ecstatic to see this day.


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