Tuesday, October 28, 2008

418: getting it done

what's on for today:
(some of it has already been done. thank you Spirit!)

  1. call dealership re lost coupon for free brake check
  2. make a doc appt for mr. bliss
  3. URGENT - take grandma a phone
  4. post office
  5. call ins. co. for info re submitting proof of payment for medical expenses
  6. write commendation letter - Ms. S____
  7. write thank you card - library photog
  8. switch baby bliss's recurring monthly expenses to her account
  9. compare ins. plans for possible switch
  10. sign us up for wellness stuff
  11. G.S. stuff - check for badge stuff (lists, forms)
  12. add G.S. stuff to all calendars
  13. check out blurb.com
  14. scan and print crochet patterns
  15. copy baby bliss's blank worksheets
  16. feed my NeoPet
  17. work on kitty's basket
  18. start basket for S's kitty
  19. work on baskets for K's baby
  20. work on new bracelet designs
  21. continue working on wrap for the show
  22. baby bliss still needs to clean her room... God help us...
  23. my office... *sigh*

  1. $$ store - get stuff for Oct. 29 home schooler's fall party (cups, children's bars, water); dry goods for G.S. celebration (utensils, small plates, cups, napkins); 8 x 10 photo frame for Baby Bliss

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