Saturday, October 25, 2008

417: for tomorrow.

okay so i got some stuff mixed up for friday's list.

one reason i'm not a "joiner" is because i don't like being on other people's time. but this school year, i thought baby bliss and i could both benefit from being part of a home schooling group. and we have.

but it's also brought some confusion in the form of Events.

i'm glad we found a group for fun and excitement as well as more opportunities for learning and sharing.

how evva, we also joined girl scouts as part of our home schooling group stuff. it's not that i'm trying to do every event or even many of them. the problem is trying to remember which things are home schooling group only and which are girl scouts only.


i know me and i know baby bliss. this will either get old by the time the school year ends and we'll take a break for summer. or this will get old by the time the school year ends and we will have had enough by the time next school year rolls around.

i'm hoping the summer break will be enough. i like it that baby bliss has something scheduled to do at least one day of every week. and i've met some cool moms in the group.

actually, the home schooling group events aren't as many as the girl scout events. not that we have to participate in all of those either but i want baby bliss to at least do the ones that involve other troops. i want her to meet at least one person who she can really bond with. that has been an issue with her for as long as i can remember.

i honestly try not to judge people cuz from my own life, i know things are not always how they appear to those looking in. still, there are just certain people/places/things that i don't want baby bliss around.

not that i intend to shelter her. i have seen first-hand how that often turns out to be the very wrong idea. and my momma didn't shelter me. i was allowed to hang out with the cousins who lived in the projects, attend parties with my friends, do sleep overs, etc.

but the world we live in now seems a whole lot different. not to say there were no pedophiles and other nuts hanging about when i was coming up. we just didn't hear about them every day on the news.

and there was no internet so we had no clue what nastiness could have been going on across the street -- and definitely not around the country or the world. now we hear about every raunchy priest, rancid gym coach, randy dad of a best friend. it's upsetting, to say the least. but it's also a reminder to me that as a momma, i cannot be too careful. a thing once done cannot be undone.

any way, i got all off track. this was supposed to be today's to-do list.

and so it is.

  1. baby bliss still needs to clean her room!
  2. my office looks like several Acts of God have swept through. clean it or lien it!
  3. grandma wants to go to Sam's (we both need baking soda)
  4. library - return High School Musical 2!
  5. post office
  6. switch baby bliss's recurring monthly expenses to her account
  7. compare ins. plans for possible switch
  8. sign us up for wellness stuff
  9. G.S. stuff - check for badge stuff (lists, forms)
  10. add G.S. stuff to all calendars
  11. check out
  12. scan and print crochet patterns
  13. copy baby bliss's blank worksheets
  14. feed my NeoPet
  15. work on kitty's basket
  16. start basket for S's kitty
  17. work on baskets for K's baby
  18. work on new bracelet designs
  19. continue working on wrap for the show

next week:
  1. $$ store - get stuff for Oct. 29 home schooler's fall party (cups, children's bars, water); dry goods for G.S. celebration (utensils, small plates, cups, napkins); 8 x 10 photo frame for Baby Bliss
  2. call dealership re lost coupon for free brake check
  3. call ins. co. for info re submitting proof of payment for medical expenses
  4. write commendation letter - Ms. S____
  5. write thank you card - library photog

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