Tuesday, June 24, 2008

375: "...follow up with your personal physician..."

hey y'all.

i didn't need to. thank you God.

but maybe i should have. that tetanus shot did a weird-y on me and i got my days and nights all mixed up.

the incident actually happened late night on june 18. by the time we left the hospital, it was early morning, june 19.

by june 20th, i was in the midst of some sort of delusional scenario that i know was brought on by that tetanus shot.

nausea and a bad headache kept me awake for a lot of the hours between then and saturday evening. when i did sleep, it was restless and full of strange dreams that seemed more like day dreams.


i also spent quite a bit of bit of time in the bathroom, flipping a coin for toilet or trash can. (the toilet won.)

we are our own primary care physicians in most instances, especially those of us who don't have health insurance. we do (have health insurance) but in a family of 3, the co-pays can add up to a mortgage payment before you know it.

my follow-up care consisted of mega doses of vitamin C, spirulina, lots of water, very little food (the nausea, the nausea...), and lots of sleep.

my hand feels fine as long as i don't press my palm within a few inches of the teeny weeny incision. i was already having some problems with my right hand any way which i suspect is related to nerve damage.

it's been several months since i've been able to use my index finger to twist caps off water or juice bottles. there's just no strength there and the finger hurts sometimes too.

any way, i am thanking God for the lesson (which i'm still waiting to understand) and the subsequent healing. even though i don't know why, we were supposed to be in the E.R. that night.

grandma said it's good that it happened last week and not this one (because i have to drive this week, a topic for another post).

you're absolutely right grandma.


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