Thursday, April 17, 2008

335: the best of home schooling

this is how we did it...

today. because the weather was beautiful. (thanks God!)

some days we go to the library. some days we camp on the living room floor. some days we do other things, like go to my grandma's or run errands.

today we watched someone from the grounds crew put something in the pond that turned it from a muddy muddy green to a deep emerald green.

i'm guessing it's non-toxic because there are fish in the pond. big fish.

mr. bliss said they're carp. i dunno but they are big enough to provide at least one night's dinner at chez bliss. there are a few golden orange ones, one that's white with brown and orange spots, and many darker colored ones swimming around.

truthfully, i was tired of looking down at the murky brown water.

baby bliss was the first to notice the guy "dying" the pond. then she watched to make sure no fish were floating belly-up. it was funny to see the green moving through the water. it reminded me of the movie "The 10 Commandments" and how Moses bloodied the waters for the unbelieving Pharoah.

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