Thursday, April 3, 2008

334: when we party, we party hearty

hey y'all.

i'm in party planner mode today.

mr. bliss and i have a wedding anniversary coming up.

in the midst of all the packing and moving, sucking teeth and rolling eyes, fights over toilet paper and toilet seats, and i-told-you-so's over badly thought out purchases (his of course!), we managed to make it to 5 years of (mostly) love and happiness.

for all his faults, he's the hubby i've loved the most.

so i'm planning a little something special for us. God was good enough to give us a friday for this year's anniversary so baby bliss will be spending the night at grandma's.

i'm gonna go to trader joe's for a special menu, which i haven't decided on yet. there won't be any alcohol cuz even tho i indulge in white wine when the moon is blue, mr. bliss doesn't indulge at all.

what ever i get to eat will have to be either easy to cook, something that only needs to be heated up, or something that's already done cuz i'm living proof that throwing down in the kitchen is not an inherited genetic trait. and emeril is not our next door neighbor.

we haven't had our favorites (pizza or hot dogs and beans) in a while but i'm wondering how well those food items might fit in with our late-night plans. (wink, wink)

i only have a few weeks to get this one together. that includes the time i'll need to spend moving the rest of my darned boxes. (that are still stacked on the floor around the dining room/kitchen area.)

* * *

baby bliss has a birthday coming. (now if i already mentioned this, bear with me y'all. sleep deprivation is a memory-sucker.)

she and i were talking about the invite list yesterday. we had about 40 people on the list, including family. today we decided to invite the whole church.

now lest y'all think i have accidentally looped my brains out with my crochet hook, our church is small. i don't know how many actual members there are but i guess we get about 200 on a good sunday.

out of that 200, i know 50 or so, some by name and face, some by face only cuz i can't always remember names. less than half of that 50 have children. but i'm inviting them any way because our parties are family affairs.

so now i have to make my lists so i don't forget anything. then i have to make notes on my MS Works calendar so it can remind me. i'll need it to remind me to start my lists, remind me to finish my lists, remind me to print the lists.

or else.

i'll forget.


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