Thursday, March 20, 2008

327: making time

hey y'all.

i need to make more time for my non-work writing. i know most writers will say set aside a specific block of time for writing and stick to it, no matter what.

that might work for some folk but i'm a home schooling momma and my office is at home too. being able to adjust to rolling priorities is a must around here.

i have hazy memories of a time when i had more time. they might be flashbacks of another lifetime... i'm not certain.

concrete proof exists in the form of writing i've started and finished or started and completed several drafts of. i'm a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. it takes me 10+ drafts to get a satisfactory version of a 3-page short story. which can take several days to several months, depending.

then there's the matter of making the rounds with submissions. thank God computers has made that process cheaper, easier, and faster. what i can't believe is that some publications still want snail mail submissions. maybe it's easier for them. i dunno.

as soon as i'm done with our taxes, my current projects for The Client, and the scarves i'm crocheting for my Dutch sister, i'll make time to finish up a bunch of stuff.

what i need to do is get one of those online trackers that shows how close someone is to finishing a project. i've seen them on other people's blogs. maybe that will move me to at least work on the works in progress until i can submit at least one.

i mean sheesh, it's almost april!

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