Sunday, February 24, 2008

310: weekend stuff

hey y'all!

how was the weekend at your house?

ours was long. kinda busy too.

i needed to do my friday errands (on friday) and baby bliss didn't feel well. so i bundled her over to grandma's and ran off screaming "Freeeeeeeeee-dommmmmmmmmmm!", scaring everyone within a 50-mile radius.

as i was finishing up. baby bliss called to say she wanted to sleep over at grandma's, a real surprise. which meant i had to go home, to grandma's, then back home. baby bliss can't sleep without her Teddy Bear.

mr. bliss and i watched movies for several hours friday night/saturday morning. (hmmm... why did i just have a deja vu moment? like i've written that line recently?)

saturday we slept in. later i got mr. bliss to go to hobby lobby with me. i was looking for yarn for scarves. it's not that i don't have a ton of yarn stashed already. but i needed more.

i made a scarf for a friend overseas and sent it to her for christmas. now she wants another. and her mom and sister each want one.

i don't have the colors they requested hence our look-see at hobby lobby.

we were in line in the dollar store (where we'd found some yarn that might have worked) when mr. bliss got paged to go to work. he said we could wait in the (long) line but i didn't want to. so we left.

i dropped him back here then high tailed it over to my grandma's (again). i passed #2 auntie's house along the way. she was getting her mail so i stopped to say hello and hang out for a few minutes.

when i got to grandma's, baby bliss was all packed and ready to go. huh? i'd told her the day before that she would have to stay at grandma's saturday as well because i planned to attend a meet up event that evening.

well that chap was up in arms. i had to put on the "cuz i'm your momma and i said so" hat. she backed down, we called a truce and returned to our respective corners.

yeah. i thought so. LOL

the event started at 6. knowing how slow i am, i should have been home at 4:30, getting ready to leave by 5:30 latest. instead i was at grandma's. and she asked me to take her to the supermarket.


by the time i got back home, it was after 5. then i poked around here and next thing i knew, it was almost 7.

i grabbed my gear and ran.

i wondered who else was late as i lawfully made my way to the event.

as i read the directions to get past the point i knew, i sensed a mistake. how could i be heading south and be required to make a right turn onto south _______ street? if i was already heading south, a right turn should be going west. (right?)

any way, thank God for a fairly good sense of direction. i managed to get there no wrong turns. the only other weird thing was the address for the venue. no part of the building faced or attempted to go near the street that was named in the address. go figure.

when i got to the table, there were a few other ladies present. we all exchanged names and greetings as i settled into the closest chair. everyone else had ordered so i did too. while i waited for my tea and small bowl of soup, i engaged the ladies in conversation: where are you from, how long have you lived here? do you have any children, etc.

after we ate, we passed around photos and discussed the topic that had drawn us all together: natural hair. (for those of you who don't know, "natural hair" generally means hair that has not been "processed" or chemically treated. this is a commonly-used term in the african-american community.)

about mid-way through the event, i thought about moving down to the other end of the table to mingle with the ladies at that end. partly because i wanted to learn more about them and partly because i wanted to connect with someone closer to my own age. (the oldest person at my end was 10 years younger than me.)

but i didn't. i kind of got caught up in what the young ladies were talking about. not the specifics because the conversation was about musicians i've never heard of. i was drawn in from a nostalgic standpoint. at one point i zoned out and reminisced about the friends i had back in tha day, the concerts we'd gone to, and the other fun events we'd attended.

the pre-mommy days.

i didn't stay much longer. we opened the nice gift bags our organizer thoughtfully put together, ate cake and talked a bit more. and when the young lady sitting next to me said she was leaving, i did too.

we said our goodbyes to the ladies, walked out together, exchanged nice-to-meet-you's, said good night, and parted in the parking lot.

the next meeting will be in a month. we have some fun events planned but i'm not sure if i'll go. it was good to get out but i was tired by the time i left (around 9:30), i don't like driving in the dark, and i felt like i had missed out on some crochet time. (yeah, i know. i sound like an old lady, right?)

funny that i can stay up around the clock at home but out in the street, i start shutting down at dark.

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