Friday, February 22, 2008

308: another one gone by...

hey y'all.

i can't believe another week has gone by.


just yesterday (so it seems) there was sunshine and Susan was saying she'd seen a woman laying about in a bikini. or maybe it was a bikini top. either way, Susan doesn't live too far from me and i agree with her that it wasn't that warm.

seems like a few days ago Aly was talking about doing the girls' hair. but that might have been last week!

time is getting away from me in leaps and long strides.

i feel like i haven't had time to write any of my stuff in too long. i have been crocheting tho. but not as much as i want to.

too much other stuff to do: wipe down all kitchen surfaces, wonder what to do about the cracked bottom shelf in the fridge, wonder how much laundry i should do today or if it should wait until tomorrow...

and where the heck is that smell coming from? (or is it smells?) is it the fridge? the carpet? the kitchen floor? the garbage disposal?

do i really care????

should i?

yeah. i guess i should. *sigh*

well what about the rings in the bath tubs? and the spotty bathroom mirrors (that are the size of some picture windows)?

and all the dishes that are dirty despite the paper plates and paper towels i buy so we don't have to wash so many darned dishes?

and why am i the only one who remembers to close the pantry door and the foyer closet door and the laundry room door? so we aren't bumping elbows and knees on them when we walk past?

i have some clothing modification ideas i wanna work on but when? only God knows.

i've been thinking about giving up the writing gig. i mean writing for other people. their stuff i mean. i wanna get back to writing my own stuff. and to working on some other projects i've got in mind. i love the extra income but it's not steady and what i want to do will generate income too. eventually. ;-)

with my current schedule, there just aren't enough hours in the day. which is why i'm still up and they are sleeping.

welllllll, maybe i'll get a cup of tea and do some more crocheting while i try to get back to a few books i've been reading, defrag the hard drive, watch this documentary about ralph nader, and sketch out the design for a laptop bag for baby bliss that i'm gonna make using left over after denim from her jeans we cut last summer.


Susan said...

Oh this week has TOTALLY gotten away from me. But then again, we've all been sick as death. UGH. I want spring....

bliss said...

i'm dreaming of spring right now, in the wee hours...