Friday, February 1, 2008

298: we're home

hey y'all.

i was checking out at the library without really paying attention to what i had. (cuz i reserve most of my stuff online and pick it up after i get the e-mail notice.)

we got home and i put all muh stuff down. then i noticed one of the movies was "Monster-In-Law".

i swear y'all, i reserved it a while back. i can't even remember when. cuz sometimes when you reserve stuff, you have to wait for stuff to be returned or come from another branch. and it can take a while.

but ohhhhhh the irony...

then i realized i hadn't taken back all the ones that were due today. they were sitting right where i left 'em, right on the half-wall by the front door.

so i logged onto my library account and i was able to renew all of 'em. wellllllll, almost all. there's one that's in demand so they said i can't keep that one any longer.

well they're wrong. cuz they can't get it back until i take it back.

good girl that i am, i'm thinking about taking them all back later tonight.

but mr. bliss will have to drive cuz i'm wearing my glasses and driving in the dark with my glasses on has already proven to be a scary experience.

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