Saturday, November 3, 2007

259: saturday stuff

hey y'all.

how's the weekend so far?

mine has been relaxing. baby and mr. bliss got up early for a trip to the mall. he promised her a new pair of boots and she went to collect.

she and i talked about new boots. we even went online and checked out the pair she liked and an alternate (that i suggested).

so tell me why my husband brings her back in here with a pair of suede boots with a 3 inch platform?

i'm guessing he thought it was okay cuz most of our flip flops are the platform ones. they're just more comfy somehow.

but i think there's a big difference in a tween wearing wedgie flip flops and one wearing suede platform boots.

yeah, she can walk in 'em. but i just don't like it.

i guess i'm really shocked that mr. bliss--the daddy who monitors skirt lengths, amount of lip gloss, tightness of pants and tops--thinks the boots are just fine.

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