Wednesday, October 31, 2007

251: children, church, commerce, and crafts

can y'all tell from the title that our church is having a holiday craft bazaar?

they're calling for vendors and i'm thinking 'bout selling some stuff.

i have a things i made that are just sitting round here wondering why.

i already have:
  • 3 (crocheted) dog leashes (that were incomplete; i finished 2 last night)
  • 1 ring
  • 1 bracelet
  • 1 crocheted scarf
  • 3 baskets
  • several pair of earrings (but some need a little work)

i plan to make more rings cuz they're the fastest to make. the only thing is coming up with design ideas...

i might make a few baskets but i'm not really committed to the idea. i did find some really groovy yarn at the dollar store tho. it would make pretty barrette or pencil holders for the kids.

did i mention that the kids will be making ornaments to sell so they can raise money for the youth fund?

i'm not sure if all vendors are sposed to donate any of their proceeds to the church or the kids but i plan to.

the bazaar is Dec. 1 but we have to take the stuff to the church by Nov. 30.

that gives me 30 days right?


Stella and Thomas said...

I want to see pictures of all your crafts!!!

bliss said...

I'm sposed to be working right now Amy. ROFL

But I'll come back later and do a post that links to my previous craft posts (the ones with pics). And I'll post pics of the stuff I haven't posted pics of yet.

I'm really getting into the idea of the craft bazaar. I'm exploring budget options for hang tags, info sheets, packaging, etc.

I to raise some money and have some fun but I don't want it to cost me a lot of $$.


more later...