Wednesday, October 31, 2007

250: today's Dr. Phil show

hey y'all.

did anyone see today's Dr. Phil show?

the reason i'm asking is cuz the one we saw did something weird towards the end.

the last segment was shown twice on our t.v.

i'm not sure if that was a t.v. station glitch, a Dr. Phil Show glitch, or a halloween glitch (as baby bliss claimed).

i'm wondering if the show will be exactly the same when it comes on at 8 tonight.


Stella and Thomas said...

Was it the show about the guy who slept with the 15 year old...I had to turn it off.

bliss said...

Hey there Amy. Ewww, no, I didn't see that show. Our's was the man who still had to pay child support to his ex-wife for a child who was later proven to not be his biological.

Later I watched The View. It ended then next thing I knew, it was coming on again. Then the screen blacked out and a soap came on.

Maybe they were eating too much chocolate at our local station.