Wednesday, October 17, 2007

247: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

did y'all hear that?

it's my big sigh of relief.

the worst is over with the Main Project. we have a 4-day lull before Stage 3 kicks in.

today was fairly quiet but i was on edge most of the day, wondering if i'd forgotten to foist off any piece or part of the Main Project to the next person in line.

then later, there was Something but it was Something i had no previous knowledge of and so i didn't have to worry about it. (thank you Father-Mother God/Goddess/Universe.)

but i did worry. i e-mailed and called, to see if there was something i could do to help. there was nothing. (thank you Divine Energy that lives within us all.)

so the ball rolled back to someone else's court and i went back to being jittery bliss.

it felt weird not to be getting several e-mails an hour, making back-to-back phone calls, writing drafts between tossing loads of laundry in to wash or dry, helping baby bliss with math while uploading photos to the FTP server...

i don't expect to hear anything tomorrow (fingers crossed) and i'm planning to sleep late. at least until 10.

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