Wednesday, October 3, 2007

243: cellular oldies

my grandma has a cell phone y'all.

she got it as a birthday present last year. #2 Auntie kinda forced it on her.

it's the pre-paid kind and it kinda works for her. except that she keeps forgetting to Top Up when she runs out. so we've had to get her number changed once already cuz they cut her service off when she didn't put any $$ on the phone.

she called us about 20 minutes ago to ask me how to turn the ringer volume up on her handset.

uh oh.

grandma is not at all technically savvy.

she only lives around the corner so i asked her if she wanted us to come over cuz that would be faster than trying to tell her on the phone.

she said no need for us to be galivanting at night.

okay grandma.

then she kept me on the phone for 10 minutes, trying to figure out which teeny tiny button was the right one. *sigh*

finally baby bliss said she could help so i let her talk to grandma.

lawd have mercy. that chile is a tech wiz. she told grandma all the right stuff (at least it sounded right) but grandma just couldn't get with it.

small buttons, low tech scores, and bad eyesight all conspired against grandma.

there was no pumped up volume at her house tonight.


Figur8 said...

Hahaha... technology and the old folk don't really mix do they? I get the same thing from my Dad when I first introduced him to the mobile phone. He's still resisting.

bliss said...

yeah Figur8, i think switching to push button from rotary dial was enough for my grandma. everything after has just been tooooooo much. '-)