Wednesday, October 3, 2007

242: working in a coal mine

hey y'all.

i'm about to go to bed. i've been getting in some early zee's for a week or two. and i've been getting up early too.

it's the work. and the Client.

and the whole experience.

i believe God is showing me that i can have this but only if it's what i really want.

for now i'm in. but once the Main Project ends, i'm taking a fast french fry-grease guzzling bus back to my quiet and peaceful life.

i know some people thrive on deadlines and that "get-er-done-now" adrenaline.

i am not one of them.

years ago... long before baby bliss was born...

i was the expert on multi-tasking, priority-juggling, and getting it done before you even realized you needed it.

those were the days when i wanted so badly to get the choreography in aerobics class so i could keep in step with the rest of the ladies.

today i need sun salutations and downward dog poses coupled with the abdominal work of pilates. that means i ain't afraid of hard work but it has to be low key and laid back or i'm out of sorts.

don't get me wrong y'all. i'm grateful for the experience. as a friend and i discussed the other night, sometimes ya won't know whether or not something is for you until you jump in feet first.

well, i'm off to work for another 30 minutes then it's off to bed with me. i'll be getting up 'round 8 i 'spect.


Aly Cat 121 said...

I remember those getting up early days cuz you gotta get somewhere and not just cuz you gotta go downstairs and make tea.

I think about that sometimes when my hubby gets up before the sun and laments about how tired he is. I think I want again too but quickly change my mind. I feel ya gurl.

B said...

oh yes...i remember the "get 'er done" mindset. i'm glad i don't really have to deal with that any more. i do not miss that life.

Aaron & Alaine said...

I'm feeling your comment. I'm wondering where the motivation comes from some times - a client success can be great, but I'm not the Type A I once was.

bliss said...

so y'all know 'zactly what i mean! :-)

client A has adult children and is single (i believe). close to my mom's generation and type-A personality...

i guess when it's hectic at their place, they've gotta send some fire my way...