Sunday, July 22, 2007

156: time for bliss arts

i think it's time for another round of bliss arts photos y'all.

i b'lieve i've got some photos on the laptop of a ring i made. lemme go check.


ahhhhh, here it is:

and here's another:

the first one is my favorite. it's about 1 1/2 inches high and somehow, when i'm wearing it, it feels like it's a very expensive piece of jewelry. don't know why but it does.

the red and gold one is about an inch high. it's cute too but not my favorite even though i love the color combination. maybe it's missing a lil something?

i enjoyed making those rings and plan to make more like the first one, with lots of variation in color, bead texture, and style. :-)

baby bliss and i used to make earrings back in tha day. that was fun too but not as fulfilling as making the rings was. there was a technique to making earrings that i couldn't quite get the hang of.

and even though i thought some of my earrings were cuter than cute, the important bits didn't look professional enough for me.

those pics are on my old 'puter (the Desktop Dragon) so i guess i won't be posting those pics. not any time soon any way.

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DSB said...

Those are pretty! I don't think I have the patience for jewelry making, but I would love to get into beadwork simply because I want to make things like wine bottle jackets and lampshade adornment.