Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Hello everyone.

Just a quick update:

First, thank you to everyone for the prayers, positive energy, healing thoughts, and all things wonderful sent my way. I appreciate you all and send virtual rainbows 🌈, sparkles ✨✨✨, and lots of love 💕💕💕 in exchange.

An update on my dad: I talked to him today. He was in good spirits and his voice was strong but he was very forgetful. I know cognitive issues can be common post-stroke so I'm not overly worried but it is disquieting.

It's another reminder that daddy's health is definitely declining. My prayer for him is that he's at peace with his life and remembers that he is loved by many. Amen.

My grandma is healing quite well and has already resumed many of her favorite grandmotherly activities. 😁

Baby Bliss and I took in a movie earlier this evening. We saw "The Dark Tower".  Not as bad as some of the critics (both paid and those of the backseat driver variety) made it sound.

Yes, there were seven (or eight) books in the series. (None of which I read, big huge Stephen King fan that I am... 😩)

No, this movie does not have time to cover the whole series. Big whoop. There's no way I can think of to compress that much material into one movie and this one only runs for an hour and a half.

So why see the movie then complain that it didn't accurately reflect the books? 😆😐😶

Any way, Baby Bliss and I enjoyed lots of aspects of the movie. Maybe there will be another installment...

On another note, sometimes when I come home after dark there is a single cockroach waiting for me on my porch. It's always sitting right where it can be seen. I'm not sure if it's the same cockroach each time but it's like it's waiting to make sure I get in safely. 😉

If I've already shared this information, please forgive me. I don't remember and I'm not gonna go back to check. Also, some of you may not know either. What's a few re-hashed stories between friends right? 😁

But I'm sure lots of you know that I believe in signs and omens, dreams and red strings of fate, yes?

And there's the animal totem thing as well. Which also extends to insects. (Y'all know where this is going right?)

Although they are on my list of Things to Never Bring into the House, cockroaches do have an interesting totem story. If I shared it before, feel free to ignore the link. If you don't know what I'm talking about, read here: Cockroach Animal Totem.

G'night y'all.  😴😴😴

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