Friday, June 23, 2017


Happy Friday folks!

I come to you all with a clean slate, so to speak. It's a few days after my birthday and I am also once again newly single.

The paramour and I are done. Not by mutual agreement (he disagreed) but it had to be done.

At this stage of my life, I require a partner whose life is aligned with mine in Things of Importance.

Although the paramour and I had a really good time together, it was The Other Things that snuffed the candle.

One was his schedule. While he did make time for me, he was often busy with projects that left him unavailable to me in a way that made me uncomfortable.

On the flip side, the more time we spent together, the more I realized how our lives did not mesh well.

For example, I have no debt and don't wish to acquire any at this age. He has what I consider a lot of debt and it seemed to be no big deal to him.  👀

Another thing is that I keep any documentation that I feel I might need to produce for any government authority, for whatever reason I can think of, from now into the unforeseeable future.

I know it's not necessarily a good thing but it's what I do. He throws out almost everything, something that bothered me immensely.

I honestly have the first income tax filing I ever made. Which sounds like something a hoarder might do, yes. But everything is filed away somewhere so no documents are piled in stacks and lying about. And I am aware that I need to shred those relics of a past life. (As well as some other documents.)

Purging, tossing, and shredding are always on my to-do list and I'll get back to them some time next week.

Which brings me to the time factor.

The now ex-paramour and I live about an hour apart which equaled a whole lotta driving back and forth.

Once we got to the point of overnights, if we were spending a few days together at either residence, it was no big deal. But unless he was coming here from work (a 20-minute drive), it wasn't feasible to come for just one night. (He works every week day and sometimes Saturdays as well.)

While he is buying a home closer to his job (which is also an hour from his residence) and to me, factoring in everything else, that's no longer of any consequence.

Ahhh well... It was fun while it lasted.

Time to enjoy some downtime and then we'll see what's next.

🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸

In other news, Baby Bliss has been talking about taking another vacation. It has been a year since our last one.

I would love to visit one of the villages in Italy's Cinque Terre but it will likely cost more than I'm comfortable spending.

Last year's vacation took a chunk out of my discretionary-expenses account because I paid for us both. If Baby Bliss can come up with at least half of her half, it will make a huge difference.

Well folks, time to get back to my day. I've been up for several hours but haven't eaten yet. Not good.

Enjoy your weekend!

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