Monday, November 21, 2016


In late April, T, a long-time friend passed away. Her funeral was held the first Saturday in May. I drove six hours round trip that day, to say goodbye to my friend and visit with her family.

Her mom, M, and I have grown close in the 20 plus years I've known their family. The last time I saw M was at T's funeral.

This morning, M was in the last dream I had just before waking.

A, a guy I dated in my early 20s, was in the dream too.

A and I were in M's kitchen with M. She had lost a lot of weight and she was wearing a wig, something she's never done in waking life. I knew it was her although she didn't look like herself.

A was sitting at the table. M was at the stove cooking something in a frying pan that looked like Native American fry bread. M called it something that I can't remember. I was standing near M, off to one side.

She and I were talking about T and how much T loved the bread M was cooking.

A was quiet, anxiously awaiting his bread.

Suddenly M's wig went missing in one of those mysterious ways that things happen in dreams. With her own hair she looked like herself.

The bread was done; M plated a huge piece and spread some sort of reddish goo on it that might have been some kind of fruit preserves. She gave it to A.

That's when I woke up.

I realized right away that it had been too long since I'd spoken with M. I called her right away. We talked for over two hours, catching up and reminiscing.

The rest of my Sunday was quiet and uneventful.

It turned out to be a good weekend after all.

I'm thankful.

There have been many many dreams between this one and the one I wrote about prior to this one. Silly me for not journaling them here or on paper.

My dream book had some pretty interesting things to say about the symbols I recalled from my Sunday morning dream.

1. Mother: see Parents - to dream of the parents of others indicates that you can count on the help of friends when you need it.

2. Wig: New faces in new places is the message contained in a dream featuring a wig or wigs

3. Cooking: One of the most fortunate dreams going; whether someone else was doing the cooking or you were doing it yourself, it is a promise of every material comfort in the near future.

4. Bread: if it was fresh, white, and tasty, your future is secure.

5. Kitchen: if the kitchen was modern and/or attractive and well-kept, it predicts good news or happy social events.

6. Fry: a dream of frying anything indicates unhappiness in love, unless you burned it, in which case you will soon be consoled.



A. George said...

Interesting dream! Sorry about your friend.

A. George said...

That was a really interesting dream! I love dreams! I got alot of my writing inspirations from dreams

Bliss said...

Thank you for your condolence. I really miss her...

Yes, the dream... I wish I could record them somehow, to watch and let others watch too. LOL

Bliss said...

I love dreams too. I can still remember dreams I had when I was a little girl. There was a time when I had lots of nightmares. Maybe because I watched too many scary movies and read a lot of Stephen King back then. Thankfully those days are over. Ha ha!