Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Hello everyone.

My Monday turned out to be busier than I expected and happily so.

After taking Baby Bliss to work, I drove to our local healthy foods store to find it had been remodeled since my last visit. I was floored. The appeal to the staff was understandable but my sense of aesthetics was offended.

In addition to my general feeling of disconnect, I couldn't easily locate the organic apples I wanted to buy. Later I realized it wasn't a super urgent purchase because I don't have any yogurt or almond butter to eat with my apples.

Probably won't have either until Thursday earliest which means I should wait until next week to buy the apples. I already have a fridge half full of leftovers and I'm expecting a friend in town this weekend so it's not likely I'll be eating at home much from Friday until Sunday.

So yeah, I'm being allowed time to adjust.


When I returned home, I stopped in the parking lot to talk to a neighbor's mom and ended up spending a few hours with the woman. She is such a cool person to hang with. We talked and laughed, she shared crafting and DIY tips with me, and she really helped me by taking a huge load of yarn and fabric off my hands.

Our fun time ended because I thought I needed to get the daughter from work. Turned out to be a false alarm so I ran off to do a little personal shopping.

Yep, it was a good day and I'm thankful.


On other fronts, I think it's time to do away with the suspense regarding the outcome of my most recent date.



So, back in his hotel room we ate and talked and laughed until I figured it was late enough for him to be ready to get ready for bed.

He walked me to my car, we hugged good night, and he kissed me on the forehead. (Awwww...) Then a little smooch on the lips. (*chuckle*)

I called him 10 minutes later to tell him I'd arrived home safely. We briefly discussed how much we'd enjoyed the day together and the possibility of breakfast together the next morning. He left it up in the air, saying he might be leaving early so I told him to call me to say goodbye before he left and I planned to sleep in on Sunday.

Around nine Sunday morning I got a call from Mr. Skittish, inviting me to breakfast. Although I was awake, I wasn't quite up and about, having planned the night before to sleep in.

I let him know I'd love to have breakfast with him but it would be almost an hour before I would be properly primped.

He agreed to wait.  (Of course he did.)

I met him at the hotel and he followed me to a local spot. There was more of a crowd than I expected but we were seated immediately.

Breakfast went well. Good food, good company, good conversation.

We held hands as we walked back to the parking lot. At my car, we hugged and kissed goodbye, he opened my door (every gentleman does), and we went our separate ways.

He called me after he'd been on the road for 30 minutes or so. We rehashed the weekend, laughed...

A few days later he asked when he would see me again. I told him I didn't know but we could try to work it into his schedule since he is a lot busier than I am.

Long story short, we couldn't make it happen.

Folks, this was not a match made in heaven or on earth.

Our schedules don't mesh and we live too far apart for it to not matter. Also, while he's a genuinely nice man who says he wants to be in a romantic relationship, he is definitely skittish about making a commitment. There are other detractions as well but those two are most important.

No worries people.

Y'all know how I roll.

Mr. Skittish and I are still friendly. We talk and text every day, some days more often than others. I understand that he's not what I want or need in the romance department but he's become a good friend and I wish him all the best as he moves forward.

As for me, I'm still single and I have a date tomorrow.

I have to run so more on that later... 

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