Sunday, November 13, 2016


Oh my.

Some time before the farce known as Election Day, I began writing this post in the wee hours and before I could finish, Morpheus dragged me to his lair and I was unable to escape.

Apparently I was so shocked by the election results that I plum forgot to finish the post.

There are many forecast and predictions about what a Trump presidency will look like for the majority of Americans. If the most dire of them come to pass, my blog could become something akin to a digital Diary of Anne Frank.


For all my readers outside the United States, I ask that each of you prays that this country manages to make it safely and sanely through the next four years. I ask not just for myself and my fellow Americans but for the whole world because what affects this part of the globe in many ways affects the entire planet, in terms of global trade, climate change, etc.

While there has already been some backpedaling by Trump of many of his loudest (and nastiest) campaign promises, my common sense dictates that I not trust anyone who spoke such vile words about so many human beings.

Many of my friends and family on social media are praying for miracles. Which is fine. I am too. But I'm also taking action by signing petitions and preparing to relocate for my safety and the safety of Baby Bliss should it become necessary.

As for this post, because it's been sitting here for a while, I'm not sure how Blogger will "date" it. I've added today's date to differentiate, just in case Blogger uses the date of the original draft post.

In any case, I can't remember what the rest of the original post was supposed to say so a new one is forthcoming...


Oh Happy Day y'all!

I hope everyone is doing well, particularly my fellow Americans as we wend our way toward the end of a spectacularly vehement presidential election cycle.

I've had a few busy days this week, tending to first-of-the-month business, helping Baby Bliss further her financial education (investing), a bit of housework, lunch at a favorite local restaurant with Baby Bliss, phone calls with friends and family.

My dad and I talked earlier in the week. He called to check in and say he'd gotten a good report from his doctor.

My mother, the Good Reverend Doctor M____ Bliss, called yesterday to share complaints and conspiracy theories.

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