Monday, October 3, 2016


Sunday evening I noticed we were down to our last gallon of filtered water.

With the amount of water we use for cooking and drinking around here, I like to keep at least four gallons on hand. 

I thought my local refill spot closed at 8 p.m. so I left at 7:30. It was dusk. 

As I locked my door, I heard a flock of geese flying over. I looked up and there they were, flying in formation. 

Flying north.


Winter is coming!  

I'm not ready. 

I want the weather to reach a balmy 60 degrees for daytime highs and stay there. Preferably all year but I won't ask for too much.

* * *

On to other topics...

In the past several nights, I've dreamed about Mr. Bliss a few times. What I can recall of the dreams was pleasant. 

What I also remember lately about all my dreams is a feeling of similarity. There are always landscapes that we're/I'm either walking or driving through. They all look different but have a similar feel. 

Or we're/I'm in a home or apartment that feels similar to (although appearing different from) most of the other homes and/or apartments in my dreams.

In fact, there is an aura of similarity that permeates most of my dreams. 

Not in the elements of appearance, location, subject matter,  time frame, etc.

More of a feeling that the very molecules in the air are the same somehow, giving the dream an overall feeling of maybe being a continuation somehow of those that came before...

That's the best description I can give.

Speaking of dreams, last week I had a dream featuring Miz A. I don't recall that she's been in any previous dreams but I could be wrong.

Any way in this specific dream, Miz A, Baby Bliss, and I were outside in a place where there were a lot of items laying around. Perhaps a flea market.

I found a sewing kit and picked it up, managing to drop many sewing needles from the kit, onto a cloth-covered surface in the process.

As I replaced the needles in the case, I said I was buying it for Miz A. (Because in waking life, she and I had had a conversation about a month previous about her not having a sewing kit in her home.)

She laughed and said okay. 

The dream continued then segued into a different dream.

Shortly after I awoke, I called Miz A to tell her about the dream.

She gasped then laughed. Then she told me about the sewing kit she'd found the day before, while shopping at one of our favorite re-sale shops.

We discussed the possible significance of the synchronicity, laughed about it, discussed it more.

A few "conclusions" but as with the nature of coincidence, we might never know the "why" other than the Universe attempting to get out joint attention somehow.

Que sera, sera...

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