Monday, July 11, 2016


On a much more upbeat note,

I've had two additional dates this weekend with the Friday night guy.

Saturday we went to a movie at a local theater. We held hands and snuck in a few kisses while we watched. The movie was okay. Lots of action. Not too original re the plot. (Independence Day: Resurgence.)

Later we held hands as we walked. We sat to talk; snuck in a few more kisses.

Great conversation, great company.

Close to parting time, he asked if I wanted to continue going out.

I said yes.

Sunday morning he asked me via text if I wanted to have dinner with him Sunday evening.

Of course I did.

We ate at a popular local restaurant, one I'd been there many times in the years we lived in the Big City. Maybe once or twice since we moved away but it had been a while. The food was still good and the ambience remained inviting.

We talked, laughed, ate, held hands, and made goo goo eyes at each other the whole time. After dinner there was more hand-holding, walking, talking, kissing... A lot of talking.

Three great dates in three days.

He walked me to my car where we spent 10 or 15 additional minutes sharing smooches and silly talk. He headed for his car then came back to ask if I wanted to do something this week.


Day to be determined because I'm expecting a project from a client this week...

Before I got home, I received a text from him. He shared a tidbit about something we'd done earlier. A three-hour text conversation ensued once I arrived home.

We touched on some deep topics, our feelings about the issues, our feelings about each other.

He's already told his best friend about me. Of course my friends have heard about him because they always know when I have a date and with whom.

He and I said goodnight around 12:30 a.m.

An hour later he was texting to say he woke up thinking about me.

Another 45 minutes of really good text conversation...

I am a die hard action-speaks-louder-than-words kinda gal but men who have a way with words (especially the written word) will always have a small piece of my heart for they woo like no others.

Fancy three-dollar words aren't necessary. Only the proper turn of phrase for the current situation, what ever the situation might be.

If we share other sensibilities -- important ones -- and the stars align just right, there's a high probability that he'll win my heart if that's his goal.

How long he keeps it is always the wild card.

But we needn't dwell on such things right now.

I'm enjoying the moments...

From what he's shared with me, so is he.

Stay tuned folks.

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