Friday, May 27, 2016


Yesterday's date was fun.

We had lunch then hung out for hours and hours.

He reminds me of a few people. His voice and appearance remind me of a cousin. He also resembles a friend from home who is cool. (And hot.)

But he also reminds me of a friend's husband. And he has a dog.


We have many shared interests and we vibed well so a friendship might be in order.

As always, we'll see.

* * *

I have tentative plans for the coming holiday weekend.

Miz A and I are invited back to K's for another BBQ tomorrow. If we go, it's possible we'll sleep over again.

Having grown-up sleep overs is fun. What I don't like is people getting up with the roosters the next morning, disturbing my much-needed beauty rest.

Hmmm... I might just bring myself home Saturday evening, so I can sleep until I feel like waking up. Plus there's nothing better than being comfy in my own bed.

Well, maybe a few things but I don't foresee any of them happening this weekend. Certainly not at K's house.

My grandma left a voice mail yesterday asking what I'm doing on Monday. She wants us all to picnic at the lake, like we did last year on July 4th.

There are a few beautiful parks near me, on the lake. The one we went to last year isn't high on my list. It's very small and although it's on the water, it's more of a small peninsula.

My favorite park is bigger. It spans several miles around the lake. It has walking trails, several private lake-front decks with grills, an enclosed rental space with picnic tables in front of it, a playground, a tennis court, a dog park and more.

I told my family we should go to the park I prefer but no one listened because someone convinced grandma that the small park is the best one the area has to offer.

Any way, I'm not sure I want to go to a park this year. There are literally tons of ducks and geese in the area which means tons of duck and geese sh*t sprinkled about in various inconvenient locations.

I'm not in the mood to be sidestepping fowl patties.

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