Thursday, April 28, 2016


The hokey pokey.

That's what it's all about.

So says the four-year-old, who claimed to not know how to do the dance and had me demonstrate it for him.

He also had me cook him a passel of pancakes, most of which remain drowning in maple syrup on his plate.

We're currently watching Curious George on telly (which is quite entertaining) while waiting for Baby Bliss to make an appearance in the living room.

I think she's trying to recharge to 100% before she re-engages with the munchkin (as she so fondly calls him). He kept her busy yesterday too.

She talks to him in a mommy voice, which freaks me out a tiny bit. I know she'll be a mom one day and I'm looking forward to grand babies but Baby Bliss remarks often that she doesn't like little children (commonly referred to as "contagion" by B.B. and her friends).

Although the contagion absolutely love her and she seems to enjoy them well enough when they're well-mannered and well-behaved, she insists she doesn't want children. It doesn't worry me because I didn't want children either.

However, that changed overnight, with a dream...

In other more exciting news, looks like my weekend might start early. My beau is planning to wrap up business ASAP so we can see each other tonight.

As tired as I am, I'm always happy to see him. Today's lunch will include a Vitamineral Green smoothie. I need some energy!


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