Sunday, November 8, 2015


How does one recover from a really good first date?

By putting up ones feet and vegging out in front of the telly for a few hours.

And for those who want details:

- He is tall, dark, and handsome. Much better looking in person than his photos.

- His smile is beautiful. Fantastic teeth.  (A great smile always makes me swoon...)

- He gave me flowers and a card before we hugged hello. (The graphic on the card referenced a conversation we had earlier this week about favorite childhood movies. Nice touch.)

- We took a sightseeing cruise, had dinner and a subsequent hour of conversation at a nearby restaurant, then took a stroll at a local shopping area.

- We held hands as he walked me to my car. We hugged and exchanged a few sweet awkward kisses as we said goodnight.

- We have a second date planned for Sunday.

I'm exhausted.

Time for bed.

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