Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Good morning God.

It's raining out so maybe we're in similar moods today? I'm in a curl-up-on-the-sofa-with-a-good-book-and-tea kinda mood. How bout you?

Um, while I have your ear, let's chat for a bit.

The past couple of weeks have been fun, interesting.

Lots of fun dates, good food, good conversation, good kisses. An unusual number of kisses in the rain. Got my third one the other night.

So far, no one has managed to impress me in the ways that are important to me. Which is... okay, I guess. After all, dating is a social activity at its core and I am a social butterfly.

But it's been a few years since I re-entered the dating world. I've seen lots of masks. Some glued on so tight that they might never be removed.

I've also seen some fall so fast that my my mouth hung open at the speed of the revelations.

It's all good because it's all God.

However, I'm now ready for something different God.

I'm ready for the man who has worked out the kinks, comes just as he is, and remains steadfast. He'll know that I am already who he wants and needs in his life and shall remain so.

And when the time arises, we shall individually and jointly evolve into that which moves our shared endeavor toward its highest good.

I give thanks in advance for that which shall manifest because I believe.


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