Saturday, August 22, 2015


This morning's soundtrack:

The Very Best Of The Stylistics

(Currently playing: You Are Everything.)


My party-all-night lifestyle finally caught up to me.*

Read on for the details...

This week has been busy in its own way. Nothing truly urgent on my to-do list but there was the matter of a project waiting to be completed and returned to a client.

I received it a week late and there was no note of urgency accompanying it so I took my time completing it. Yesterday afternoon, satisfied with the finalized version, I returned the project to its rightful owner.

Hurray for me!

My thoughts: Yay! I'm free to roam the country! Or at least the county.


Soon after, my body told me I was late for lunch. I felt lightheaded and dizzy, like I might actually pass out.


I whipped up a quick (and very small) tray of nachos. Healthy nachos.

Healthy-er nachos:

  1. 14 chips, slightly toasted
  2. crumbled goat cheese
  3. 2 TBS of organic black beans
  4. lots of organic green leaf lettuce

After I ate, I went out to the porch to greet my Sol Sista up close and personally, swept the porch, took out the trash, watered my plants. I danced a little, hoping to throw off the sleepy-mist of lethargy that had descended upon me. 

My daughter emerged from her cave and asked me to read the first chapter of the new book she's working on. Lots of typos but an entertaining read. I'm excited for her and ecstatic that she's become so enthusiastic about her writing again. 

Maybe it will rub off on me and I can get back to my own writing...  Oh, but dang it, that will be difficult because silly me didn't immediately transfer all my data from the external hard drive when I got the new machine. 

There is a remedy for it but it's a risky one. But life is all about stepping out on faith, right? Yeah... 

But let's not go too far down the side road here.

After I read the chapter, my daughter and I discussed the rest of the story (plot, characters, etc.).

I found myself nodding.

Quelle horreur!

It was only 7 p.m. No way could I be sleepy.

But yes, I was. Too many late nights and early mornings. Bad combination as well as a bad habit that needs breaking.

It's not like I need to be up past midnight or so. Especially since I can't seem to sleep past 7:30 or 8 a.m.

I fought it as long as I could (another 20 minutes or so) then I finally gave in. As someone I once knew liked to say, "Nature will not be cheated".

Amen brother. 

I laid it down and slept until this morning. 

Lots of dreams but I only remember the one I had right before waking. 

Which I won't detail in this post because I'm needed elsewhere in the building.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day of love and sunshine.

Be blessed, be a blessing... 

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