Thursday, July 9, 2015


This week has been busy already.

More driving than usual.

I'm hoping to stay out of the car for the remainder of the week.

Which brings me to him.

Yes, it's the "him" you think it is. And you knew we'd go there again, eventually.

I thought I saw him twice on the road: once in the next town/county over, where I do my shopping. The next day I thought I saw him riding down my street, close enough to see me as I was exiting my car.

I'm not 100% sure however so we won't dwell on those possible sightings.

What I am 100% sure of is that I saw him yesterday (Wednesday) evening. He saw me too. He even held the door for me. We exchanged pleasantries as I entered the building.

For approximately the next hour, we were within a few feet of each other.


It was business and there were about 20 other people in the room so I tried not to look at him too often.


He looked good.

Did I mention that he dresses well?

He does.

Just the right amount of starch in his shirts, trousers that fit just so...

Nicely pulled together.

I didn't linger long after the meeting ended. There was no reason to except junk food (which I'm turning up my nose at these days).

And, well, him. But as I said, it was business and we weren't the only two there.

We had already seen each other and said hello. I didn't expect to hang about exchanging chit chat with him. It wasn't the time or place.

Any way, I texted him an hour later, just to say it was good to see him. It turned into an unexpected (brief) exchange.

What a nice way to end a long day.

Time for pillows!


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