Friday, July 3, 2015


On another note, a man I dated for a very short period in the past has re-surfaced.

It started with an e-mail in December last year, that I somehow didn't see at the time.

What I did see were the e-mails he began sending this week. He began with, "Hey. How are you?" and progressed to what I suspected he was leading up to.

Long story short, we talked for a few hours on the phone. During the conversation, he managed to amaze and amuse me by attempting to coerce me into picking up where we left off.

More, he talked as if it's already a done deal. (Maybe it is in his mind...)

He shared a lot with me during our lengthy exchange. I listened because everyone needs an ear or a shoulder at some point in life. Only God knows how many times people have been there for me so I'm happy to pay it forward when I can.

While it was good to hear that he and his children are doing well and I was flattered that he thought of  me so fondly (and according to him, so often), I harbor no "what if" feelings about that situation.

My life has moved far beyond the brief time he and I shared. During said time, he and I were friendly but not friends. We parted on a so-so note for reasons that don't need detailing. Parting was inevitable and I don't recall missing him after we split.

As there is no slot for his name on my dance card, the most I can do for him is wish him the best as he moves forward.



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