Wednesday, November 5, 2014



I love my dreams. They're very vivid, very detailed. Even when they're frightening, the cinema-like scenery and events sometimes make me wish I could sleep all day.

Since July 28, I've had more than a few dreams with Mr. Bliss in them. They weren't necessarily about him but he was present.

My most recent dream in which he appeared was a few nights ago.

We were in a small kitchen (I think) with our son. Our son was sitting at a small square table in the middle of the room. I was sitting at the table as well.

Mr. Bliss (who it seems had been dead -- in the dream -- but was now alive) was standing near the table. He told my son that he (Mr. Bliss) heard my son had a baby and asked if he (Mr. Bliss) could see it.

My son said yes, he did have a baby but he and the mother had gottea disagreement, he hadn't talked to her in a while, and he didn't know where the baby was.

That's all I can recall at the moment...


My Monday morning dream was a bit scary.

I had met a guy online who somehow found me in real life. I was at a family member's house and the guy showed up at the door. He said he knew me so my family member let him in.

The guy pulled out a small photo album and proceeded to show me family photos. Then he wanted to know when we could have our first date.

I think I left him sitting on the sofa talking to a relative in the living room while I went into the kitchen to think about the stalker-ishness of the situation.

A female relative was in the kitchen. There were slices of cake on plates on the table. I sat down, grabbed a fork, and began tasting. She and I ate cake as we discussed the implications me heading home with an uninvited guest possibly following.

The dream morphed into a different dream, one which is juuuust beyond my mental grasp right now...

Speaking of online dating, it's back to that for me. Not that I'm against dating people I meet in real time. It's just that online dating gives me a framework to operate from, before the first date.

It also helps to decide if there is to be a first date.

Assuming that the person in consideration is being truthful in his profile, I prefer having that advance knowledge of how well we might possibly get along.

With someone I meet in, say, the supermarket parking lot, there's a lot more left to chance and "chemistry".

If used properly, I think online dating can be a time-saving tool for everyone concerned.

After all, isn't it what we want, to cut to the chase in matters of the heart? To move from "like" to "lust" to "love" in record time, to run swiftly into the arms of the "happily ever after" every little girl dreams of from the time she hears her first fairy tale?

Some of us have already been blessed enough to get Mr or Miss Right in our lifetime.

Some are still looking.

As I've stated before, it's a numbers game. And we can't play the game sitting at home. We must be open to dating the person from the parking lot, the one we meet on, or...

Because the more frogs we kiss, the closer we get to finding our very own Sweet Toad.

May the odds be ever in our favor.

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