Friday, June 13, 2014


Good morning!

Guten Morgen!

Доброе утро! (Dobroe utro!)


Labas rytas!

Доброго ранку! (Dobroho ranku)


Buen dia!

Boker tov!

Yesterday with my beau was fun.

Our picnic was at a nearby park that is situated on one of many arms of a huge lake near my home. The place has gorgeous views. Some angles remind me of  images of Lake Como. Very romantic.

The weather was perfect: sunny and breezy. We had a good hour or two before the rain washed us into the car but that felt perfect too, giving us an opportunity to share good conversation and indulge in our passion for music (he's a musician, I'm an aficionado).

After our picnic, we headed off to a juicing seminar. It was fun and interesting. We both met new people, learned a lot about fruits and veggies, tasted some juice I never want to taste again. (Which he thought was palatable. Interesting...)

The seminar ended. We said our goodbyes to the hostess and other attendees.

I then took him on a tour of the beautiful area I am blessed to call home. It's as far north as you can get in the county before spilling over into the next. Although he grew up in this county, he didn't spend much time in my neck of the woods.

After the tour, we drove to a popular area venue that encompasses shopping, housing, entertainment, eateries, in a park-like atmosphere.

We walked a bit, caught a little of a live music duo, then sat on a bench to eat dessert, laugh, talk, kiss.


We reluctantly parted around 1:45 a.m., with plans to meet again Saturday.

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