Thursday, May 29, 2014


I hope everyone who observes the Memorial Day holiday had a good weekend.

I did.

My weekend was so good that I have to share a secret: it was the best holiday weekend I've had since Mr. Bliss passed away.

Not that I didn't miss him this past weekend. I did. And I cried a little. (Mr. Bliss did love his holidays. He was also Air Force.)

But God always sends angels when I need them and I am ever thankful.

Saturday was book club with my sistas. It's always fun and interesting with those ladies. Even if one hasn't read the featured book, there is still a good meal to enjoy, personal tidbits to share, the pleasure of enjoying sisterly company.

We ladies arrived here from a diverse range of backgrounds.

A few of us hail from out west, some from up north. One is from the mid-west, one from further south of this southern region we all currently call home. Conversations are sprinkled with accents and colloquialisms that sometimes need explanation.

Our ages range from "over 40" to "60 plus".

Some of us are retired. One cares for a relative while studying for an advanced degree. Some work from home. One has a job she loves and it's such a cool place to work that club members sometimes go to work with her. One is a singer with a beautiful voice. Another member is a life coach.

Once a month we come together for the official book club meeting.

Other times during the month we gather for special activities: sporting events, wine tastings, festivals...

These ladies are my family. The mothers/aunts/sisters who have been there for me when I've needed them and I love them.

Sunday evening, a few of us book club ladies met up for an evening of live music at a local venue. One of us brought a male friend. He was a welcome addition of masculine energy to our feminine flow.

The gentleman and our sister who invited him are both musicians. Between the two of them, they knew every other musician in the joint. It made for an interesting mix of folk stopping by our table to say hello.

It was a much-needed evening out. Laughter, chatter, drinks (ginger ale for me), food, friends, music, dancing.


When the other ladies left, I stayed to hang with our gentleman friend. He turned out to be quite the conversationalist. We had such a good vibe going that a few minutes to closing, the owner took one look at us and told us to stay as long as we wanted.

Later, the owner engaged my new friend and I in a round of discussions that covered everything from ancestry to literature to world travel.

We stayed a full hour past official closing time.

I think I made it home before 4 a.m.

Monday was mmmm... divine.

To make a super long story short:

My new friend invited me to attend a BBQ with him. He took his guitar. Along with the other guests, I was treated to a live concert that blew me away.


He and I left the BBQ around 8:30 p.m. and headed to an all-night spot in town, where we hung out until the wee hours.


I definitely didn't make it home before 4 a.m. but it was before dawn...


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