Monday, May 19, 2014


A busy week ahead chez Bliss, in business as well as pleasure. Lucky for me, it includes pleasurable business.

My daughter and I spent last evening with a neighbor who has become family. We always share food, laughter, and love at her house.

Thank you God for those who embrace us with appreciation and warmth. With their help, we maintain the healthy glow that only Love and Light can generate. May we inhale it with zeal, to strengthen our existence; may we share with others when they are in need.

Several events over the weekend reminded me of why I try to remember two things: ears open, mouth shut is wise in many situations. In addition: don't believe everything you think.

I am always thankful for life's sticky notes. They keep me focused.

Bummer that I didn't take the necessary time to remember this morning's dreams. There is tomorrow, if I'm allowed.

And now back to the business of... business!

Good day all.



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