Thursday, July 28, 2011

479: Working it out once again.

One of my daddy's sisters is my favorite auntie. Lately she's been checking in at the gym on Facebook. So have lots of other folks.

One day my brain told me that I too could benefit from a lot more exercise than I've been getting. Especially now that we've moved to a smaller place.

Yesterday morning as I sat on the couch checking e-mail, I heard splashing and talking at the pool. I glanced out the window and saw one of the maintenance staff talking to a swimming resident. The pool looked very inviting and I had a thought to do my workout in the crystal clear water. However, by the time I finished my Facebook duties (I update our church's page), did a few necessary things in here, dug my bikini top out of the closet, and found a pair of shorts suitable for wearing into the pool, it was already hot out.

And though I love the ease of working out in the pool, taking a shower/to get dressed/to get in the pool/to workout/to come back in for another shower -- well, it felt like too much work to do, to get a work out.

So instead I decided to work out here in my living room, where it was cool.

I won't lie. It was hard. But I'm proud of myself. I was able to get in 27 minutes of movement using a combination of dance and exercise moves before I was too tired to get off the floor.

And imagine this: even with the air on, I still worked up a mess of sweaty sweat. My shower was heaven on earth.

After, I sat down to work and forgot to eat until a couple of hours later.   :(

Surprisingly, I don't feel at all sore right now. Let's see how I feel after a night's sleep because I plan to work out again later today.

I also plan to go out dancing with the girls Friday evening.

My fingers are crossed for swift alignment of mind and body because I can't let my exercise plan get in the way of a good time this weekend!


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