Thursday, May 5, 2011

471: What a glorious weekend!

My weekend started on Thursday with one of my favorite activities.

Happy joy, to return to the Hobby Lobby Thursday evening "crochet with the girls", after being absent for over a month. I had missed them all more than I realized. Even the really loud one who usually annoys my ears.  lol

They are all special to me. I like hearing their stories, learning about their lives, sharing experiences with them. Some of them are walking resources for problem (crochet) stitches or patterns. Some of them are knitters who may or may not crochet. I love seeing their projects.

Friday evening our family went to church for a silent auction. I thought it might be boring but it was actually a lot of fun. We had a good turn out, ate yummy snacks, and bid on unique/interesting/useful items and services. We were there maybe three hours.

Saturday, the mister and I shopped a little. I can't remember everywhere we went but I have the receipts to prove that it all took place.

Sunday was a wonderful day at church, including a birthday celebration for my daughter.

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