Tuesday, April 5, 2011

468. Yesterday's outing.

One of the things I love most about home schooling is that it doesn't actually have to take place at home. Another is that everything we do every day is a learning experience of some sort.

Yesterday we continued our search for shorts for Baby Bliss. This time we ventured into a few discount department stores that shall go nameless.

I only went because we were on that side of town running errands and I'm determined to delve into every nook and cranny in this pursuit of warm weather britches.

Side note: If Value City were still open, I'm sure our search would be over. I was always able to exit their doors with a whole season's worth of clothing for the child, carrying bags and bags of inexpensive-but-sturdy-enough gear gathered in a few hours of browsing and trying on.

They also had interesting and tasty treats from nations far and wide. Shopping there was fun and exciting for the whole family. Alas, they shut their doors a few years ago; life has been dull since.

I don't know what's happening behind the scenes in our department stores but they both seemed to be devoid of substance. And the prices were horrendously high. Ditto the styles. Clearance racks were skimpy as were racks for regularly priced items.

Maybe we were just there at the wrong time of day. Or the week. Or the month. I dunno.

Department store #1 was a bust for shorts. But once again, the girl found a tee shirt she loved. It was too expensive for my tastes so I let her buy it with her own money so she could decide how much she really wanted it. And to let her budget her cash because she knew there was something else she wanted to buy at another store.

Department store #2 wasn't any better. Baby Bliss tried on a few things but nothing stuck.

While I waited for my daughter to finish in the dressing room, I observed a woman trying on a pair of black patent leather sandals. Cute but not my style.

During the 15 minutes I browsed the racks near the dressing room, I noticed the woman browsing near me. And she was still wearing the shoes.


As she headed to another area of the store, I watched her as she adjusted the anti-theft tag on the shoe. To make it more comfy, I guess. Okay...

But when we were leaving the store 10 minutes later, ole girl was still shopping and still wearing the shoes.

Alrightie then.

On my way past the registers, I notified a cashier. The cashier asked me to describe the woman and I pointed her out, as she had just turned into the closest aisle. Then we left the store.

I don't know what happened to grandma but I sure hope she still had her own shoes available to wear home.

Dog tired and disappointed with the lack of sufficient garments at the department stores, we were headed home when I remembered there was a thrift store a few miles from our place. I'd been to the store twice and wanted to check it out again.

But since home was between where we'd left and where we were headed, and we were kind of sweaty from the 80 degree temps, we made a pit stop at the pad to freshen up.

Thankfully, our trusty friend, Village Thrift, was closer than I anticipated. We limped through the aisles and scoured the racks on tender feet.

Long story short, Baby Bliss tried on six bottoms and we left with two. Bad that Village Thrift has no dressing room and the girl had to try on the bottoms over her skinnies. So yep, we got home and the bottoms didn't fit as well as we wanted.


Yes, the search continues.


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