Tuesday, March 15, 2011

463: Mold and the urge to cook.

I'm sure the two are not connected but I have the urge to make a big pot of lentil soup.

I've also realized we're gonna need a new fridge. When they replaced the broken one, they brought in one that seems to have mold growing in some hidden recess(es). I can smell it. And my body is doing more weird things which have nothing to do with the other weird things it was doing.

Things that I now believe to be mold-related.

Jesus take the wheel. For real. Because when I go to the office to request yet another fridge, it needs to be understood and taken care of with the quickness. Amen.

On another note, I don't have any ink in the printer. Which means I can't print out the ingredients list for the lentil soup recipe I found on Dr. Weil's website. Which means I'll have to write the list.

Kinda makes me want to pinch myself because it's supposed to rain today. And I went out yesterday to take car of Necessities That Could No Longer Wait. If only I had thought yesterday that I might want lentil soup today, I could have gotten the goods while I was out and been enjoying a nice hot bowl of lentil soup while the rain pitter patters on my roof today.

Any who, I'm thankful that I was able to finish an assignment and return it to the client with minimum turn around time. Here's to more of the same!

Sending extra prayers and healing energy to Japan.


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