Saturday, December 4, 2010

457: Change is inevitable.

No matter what else is going on in my life, I know I can count on God to be there for me.

When I can't see around the next corner, I have to remind myself that God is already there, waiting for me to arrive. So there is no need to worry.

And I am more than thankful for my church family. They have become my real family and are there when I need a listening ear and more.

Funny... I never ever thought I would be the person who says, "I can't wait to get to church Sunday."  *chuckle*



~Stephanie said...

Isn't it the most wonderful thing to have a great church family? I am SO blessed by mine, and glad to hear you are as well!

Thanks for "dropping by" my blog and commenting.

God bless your holidays!

bliss said...

Yes Stephanie, it really is. I am so thankful! Amen.

Our holidays were wonderful, thank you. Hope yours were too!