Thursday, September 3, 2009

447: It feels like today is Monday.


Hey y'all.

I know it's Thursday but only because I looked at the calendar. Emotionally, I'm in a Monday state of mind.

Billie Holiday's "Good Morning Heartache" has been on my mind since early a.m. Maybe because I've been trying to outsmart a headache for the past few days.

It's not a killer but is has been annoying. Thank God the migraines remain outsourced to someone else's brain space. Not that I'm wishing the pain on anyone but I know someone out there is having issues with that particular nasty.

School starts soon so we will return to regular sleeping hours here at Bliss Abode. Yay. *dry mouth*

Poor Baby Bliss wanted to go to the playground with a friend. I said yes but had to retract when I heard the helicopter flying overhead.

It reminded me that there had been an attempted bank robbery this morning, several miles away. As far as I know, the suspect has not yet been apprehended.

Wouldn't do to have Baby Bliss caught in any crossfire or snatched from a swing and held hostage.


Feeling kinda Monday...

It's been a melancholy day and I don't know why. I first noticed when I realized I was getting weepy at weird moments while watching telly.

Still feeling emotional about my trip home... I may never fully recover. Frightening.

Feeling overwhelmed with thoughts of serious to-do items that I just don't feel like doing. But they must be done. Or else.

Feeling the need to escape this day with a smoothie and a good trashy novel...


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