Saturday, January 3, 2009

435: My name is not Oprah.

And no, I don't play her on t.v.

But like Oprah, I also have a list of favorite things.

Some of them are new things, some are old favorites. All are good and wonderful. :o)

My current favorite things are:

  1. my glass teapot - How did I ever get along without it?
  2. my toasty warm and super soft knit slipper socks from - Mmm... like walking on cashmere.
  3. glass fish bowls in varying sizes from the dollar store - I'm using mine to re-pot all my plants.
  4. Tazo's "Passion" tea.
  5. body butter in "Ginger & White Tea" and "Ginger Lime" by Habeebah's Herbals - This woman has managed to put magical bliss in a jar! The scent is divine and the creamy texture of the butter banishes the driest of dry skin. (Mine!)
  6. yarn: Bernat Baby, TLC Amore - Ahhhhh... Soooooo soft.
  7. Baby Bee Dusting Powder by Burt's Bees - Silky soft and yummy smelling too.
  8. two black, semi-sexy, "maternity" dresses I bought at Goodwill - I absolutely love them. They're wash-and-wear, air dry over night, and can be accessorized for day or evening events. Wish I had several in a few shades.
  9. sweet potato chips - I have no need for chips from white potatoes ever again.
  10. lemon-flavored Perrier - Always on my list.

What about you? What are some of your favorite things? I'd love to know. :o)


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