Friday, November 14, 2008

429: Counting down to my special night out.

Hey y'all.

I've managed to do half the things on my most recent to-do list. Actually I did three things on the list. Mr. Bliss got a ride home from work. After he got all cleaned up, we all watched telly for a while. Then I got dressed so we could get outta here.

Our first stop was the library. We all went in. I dropped my returns then sashayed over to the "holds" section for my reserved items. Baby and Mr. Bliss went to look for movies. They didn't find anything  but I already had three movies waiting for me.

We headed north so I could drop them at the mall to wait for me whilst I waited to have my skirt hemmed. I thought I would also need to get the waist fitted or something but I didn't. The woman who made my skirt is a top-notch seamstress and the answer to my prayers.

The skirt is a perfect fit, not too loose and not too tight. I was amazed. She also fixed the waist of a pair of jeans I couldn't wear comfortably even with a belt. Mr. Bliss and I both looked hard but neither of us could see where she did the fix. Incredible.

I gave her another pair of jeans and a skirt to fix for me. Of course I wish I had met her umpteen years ago but I am more than thankful to know her now.

We had quite a bit of time to talk while I was there. She and I have many similarities in our lives. I left feeling like we had bonded which is good. Our daughters are friends and I would welcome a new friend as well.

The mall is a hop and a skip from the Seamstress's house. I was there to get the Blisses in probably three minutes. We went to dinner at our favorite -- my favorite, any way -- restaurant across the street from the mall.

After dinner we drove up to Super WalMart. I don't know why it takes us so long to get out of that place. I think it was an hour this time.

The parking lots near our building were all full when we got home so I had to park across the way. I prefer not to park on that side because we have to cross in-and-out traffic to get to and from the car. With the way folk around here drive, it can be a perilous endeavor.

Such is the faux pas of returning home after dark.

We all carried bags in but funny how I was (and usually am) the only one who thought they needed to be unpacked before I ran off to do Other Things.

Half an hour after we got in, I see most of the bags still on the floor by the front door, where they dropped them. Two tins of biscuits and four quarters of butter were still sitting in a bag when they should have been in the fridge.


As if I didn't have enough to do already.

Now those other Blisses are sound asleep. And I'm still up, doing laundry and trying to figure out whether or not I'll have time to finish a few things tonight before my big outing.


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