Thursday, October 30, 2008

420: putting on my boogie shoes

getting ready to boogie outta here again...

i'm making tracks to do:

  1. doc's ofc - get forms for mr. bliss to fill out
  2. call K. S. re making a skirt for me
  3. library - return, pick up, hang for a while, thank you card - library photog
  4. WalMart -look for energy efficient heater, rechargeable batteries, soap dish,
  5. post office
  6. check for G.S. badge stuff and make list; submit to K___ by Oct. 31!
  7. find paperwork to compare ins. plans for possible switch - due immediately!
  8. check ins. co's website for info re submitting proof of payment for medical expenses
  9. remind mr. bliss to call doc's office re his appt.
  10. add auto appt to my calendar
  11. write commendation letter - Ms. S____
  12. check out
  13. scan and print crochet patterns
  14. feed my NeoPet
  15. work on kitty's basket
  16. start basket for S's kitty
  17. work on baskets for K's baby
  18. work on new bracelet designs
  19. continue working on wrap for the show
  20. baby bliss still needs to clean her room... God help us...
  21. my office... *sigh*

  22. sign us up for wellness stuff

  23. add G.S. stuff to all calendars

next week:
  1. $$ store - dry goods for G.S. celebration (utensils, small plates, cups, napkins)


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