Monday, October 20, 2008

415: what's doing for today

hey y'all.

i'm about to take a nap for a few hours. i'm waiting for mr. bliss to get up so i can make sure he takes care of something Very Important before he leaves for work.

i could have gone to bed and gotten up with him but i didn't. i think i'll start doing that though.

any way, as usual, i have a laundry list of to-do for today. thankfully all the real laundry i intend to do was finished about an hour ago.

today's list:

  1. get some sleep!
  2. baby bliss needs to clean her room!
  3. call dealership re lost coupon for free brake check
  4. call ins. co. for info re submitting proof of payment for medical expenses
  5. write commendation letter - Ms. S____
  6. Sam's - get photos printed from CD
  7. 1 p.m. - doc appt (me)
  8. write thank you card - library photog
  9. library - return, pick up, drop off thank you card
  10. e-mail A___
  11. post office
  12. drop picture hooks at grandma's
  13. switch baby bliss's recurring monthly expenses to her account
  14. feed my NeoPet
  15. work on kitty's basket
  16. start basket for S's kitty
  17. work on baskets for K's baby
  18. work on new bracelet designs
  19. continue working on wrap for the show
  1. Park Day
  2. WalMart - switch plate for baby bliss's room, bread, find more yarn
  3. girl scout's store - baby bliss needs her stuff!
  4. healthy foods store: coconut oil, sesame oil, sea salt
  5. edit shorts for subs: TMB, GNO, the other one (?)
  6. where are my silver hoops, 2 Smart 4 U ring???

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