Saturday, October 18, 2008

411: today's to-do list

hey y'all.

lawd, if my to-do list ain't a long one, i must not be breathing!

today's list (not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. girl scout's store - baby bliss needs her stuff!
  2. healthy foods store: coconut oil, eucalyptus oil (2), sesame oil,
  3. a movie - maybe
  4. switch baby bliss's recurring monthly expenses to her account
  5. check balances on accounts
  6. post office: mail grandma's rebate form, McD's monopoly requests
  7. e-mail A___
  8. find coupon for FREE brake check!
  9. write thank you card - library photog
  10. write commendation letter - Ms. S____
  11. feed my NeoPet
  12. print crochet patterns, proof of payment for medical expenses
  13. call ins. co. for info re submitting proof of payment for medical expenses
  14. work on kitty's basket
  15. work on baskets for K's baby
  16. work on new bracelet designs
  17. try on show ensemble w/jewelry
  18. post photos of new jewelry on blog
  19. post on Craig's request for cardboard
  20. post on blog request for ideas for cardboard sources
  21. decide: am i making a wrap for the show?
  22. edit shorts for subs: TMB, GNO, the other one (?)
  23. where are my silver hoops, 2 Smart 4 U ring???

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