Saturday, October 18, 2008

408: maya angelou spoke to me

hey y'all.

i dreamed about Maya Angelou during my sleeping hours. she and i (along with some other folk) were at the rehearsal for a musical event. the stars were friends of ours.

i sat in the row behind Ms. Angelou and (i believe) Alfre Woodard. Ms. Angelou was engaged in a conversation with a young woman. nosey me heard the young woman make a most glaring grammatical error, one that i hear colored folk make all the time.

she said, "... and we was..."

Ms. Angelou looked around in horror. seeing me, she motioned me forward and lamented in a whisper how our young folk just aren't making the grade when it comes to speaking correct english.

i could only nod in agreement while silently being thankful that baby bliss is not among that number.

it also made me sad because i do know people who speak like that. adults...


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