Friday, October 10, 2008

405: a man and his music...

hey y'all.

one day i woke up and wanted to see one of my favorite musicians performing. so i logged onto youtube and lo and behold, some wise and wonderful woman had left a love note for me in the comments module: his tickets go on sale today at 10 a.m.

amazingly, "today" was the same day i just happened to be checking out his video.


then i realized it was mid-afternoon and i panicked. his tickets have been known to sell out in the first two hours. but i prayed, crossed my fingers/legs/heart, and scooted over to ticketmaster dot com.

i could have shouted to the heavens when i was able to find a ticket for a verycloseseat. i wanted to take baby bliss because she grew up on his music and she's already enjoyed two of his concerts with me. but two seats together were toofarintheback and costly as well.

so i went back to the one-ticket search and my seat was still there. i bought the ticket.

once upon a time, i listened to one of his CDs every single day for three (3) years. now i listen to his music most of the time but it's been every day for the past month or so.

he hasn't given a concert in soooooo long and i've got a jones to see him live.

yes, one ticket was kinda 'spensive but i've been a frugally good wife and mama:

  1. 95-99% of our non-grocery shopping is done at the thrift store and walmart.
  2. i haven't paid to have my hair done in 3 years. (and 3 years ago i only went one time.)
  3. i get a pedicure once a year on average; manicures are less frequent.
  4. i drive a hybrid, do my best to combine trips, and don't have to leave home to work so i save on gas.
  5. there's a lot more i do to save more and spend less money but the rest would be too long and boring to type.

baby bliss was tear-y when she heard she wasn't going.

oh well.

she's had more vacations this year than any child i know. not intentionally. it just turned out that way.


baby bliss should be thankful.

(any way, he already kinda knows her since she was allowed on stage at the two concerts i took her to. i'm gonna take him a photo of her so he can see how big she's gotten since the last time he saw her.)

this will be a Very Special Event for me and i'm planning everything very carefully.

i'm making* my dress, making two sets of jewelry (so i'll have options), and hoping to crochet a shoulder wrap to wear over my dress. several hours ago, mr. bliss helped me find a sexycute pair of comfie sandals at the outlet mall.

soon as i have time (probably this weekend), i'm gonna take some photos and post so y'all can see my stuff.

* making = wrapping and tying 1 1/2 yard of stretchy black lace into a form-fitting dress. lol


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