Saturday, August 30, 2008

393: the a-dams fam-uh-leeeee

hey y'all.

did i mention that we went to my family reunion earlier this summer?

i would have to go back to read previous posts to know for sure. lol

any way, i thought about it the other day when i saw the m and m's commercial about the adams family.

i teased baby bliss that we are the adams family because my mother is an adams by birth. our reunion was for my mother's father's mother's family -- the hawkins family -- but in the small town where my grandmother and grandfather met, most people were already inter-related by marriage and other kinds of mingling. *insert raised eyebrow here*

so there are a lot of adams on both sides. making us double kin or some such notion.

i was amazed to learn that our family tree has been traced all the way back to john quincy adams.

which reminds me that i need to e-mail one of my cousins. i compiled the list of names and e-mail addresses that will be used for next year's reunion and she needs it. she also has the document that shows how we're connected to john quincy, which i really want to see.

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