Monday, August 25, 2008

390: craf-teeeeeeeeeeee blisssssssss

hey y'all.

it's been a crafty week or so for me.

i finished this basket for my friend's son. it's now sitting on a stool, waiting for me to take it to the post office.

after she saw this one, baby bliss requested a basket for her room. when we moved to the penthouse, she switched over from pink to ocean blues and greens for her room colors. most of her containers are still shades of pink and purple so i guess she does need new containers. i started her basket on friday. it's shades of blue and green. i'll post pics when i'm done.

saturday we visited my sister. while we were there, i crocheted a cotton thread bracelet for my sis. it was a simple double crochet rib stitch done by crocheting in the back loop of the previous row. it's pink trimmed in beige and fastens with a cowry shell.

no pics of that one. :0(

i also finished a peach hat i knitted for baby bliss using the round knitting loom. it was superdooper easy. baby bliss said it's not real knitting cuz i didn't use the needles but what does she know?

i've been wanting to make hats for chemo patients for a long time and my yarn stash is overflowing with silky soft yarns to do it with. but i know how well i do at following crochet patterns. the knitting loom makes it so easy that i can almost knit blindfolded.

probably i can get 2 hats per skein of yarn.

i've been researching crochet patterns over the past several days for inspiration and information. i have an idea for a necklace in my head but i need a pattern for part of it.

thank you to all the crochet pattern writers who allow items made from their free patterns to be sold.


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